It has been implementing agriculture development program in Operational areas with the support of Department of Agriculture Extension from 2006 and has developed 150 contact farmers with modern training.

Livestock development activities:

USHA has been emphasizing on livestock development from the inception, because, the poor rural women are very much involved and practiced with poultry rearing, goat rearing and cow rearing and also cow fattening. It is also a very profitable business and locally very sound and viable. USHA has been implementing cow fattening, goat rearing, cow rearing and poultry rearing. It has also been supporting the women members for livestock rearing from RLF and savings fund. So, far 500 group members has been provided loan for poultry rearing, goat rearing, cow rearing and cow fattening in the operational area.

Fish culture

It has been working on pond re-excavation and fish cultivation with the support of WFP/DOF in all the project areas since 2005 and covered 300 beneficiaries so far and cultivated 30 ponds, which will be approximately 20 hectors and cultivating HYV fishes with modern system.

Environment Development and Social A forestation:

USHA has especial program on environment development. So, it has been implementing nursery development, homestead plantation, community plantation, awareness raising, reducing chemical use, fertilizer use, developing composts, regenerative agriculture, reducing plastic use etc. activities with the support of different above mentioned donors. So far it has planted 70,000 saplings and developed 15 nurseries. It has also developed 150 compost heap by 150 group member and they were provided training on compost heap preparation and natural chemical preparation and use in their fields.

Homestead Gardening:

Every house has some space, which are fallen vacant and fallow. So, USHA has taken step to utilize those fallow homestead spaces. The group members have been motivated and encouraged to utilize those fallow homesteads for vegetable gardening. In this regard, most the women members have been provided necessary training and other supports. So far 250 women were provided supports like training, seeds, seedlings, capital etc. and they have established 250 homestead gardens with vegetable. Other women have become encouraged and established homestead gardens.