Tarabo (Chowdhury villa – 1st Floor), P.O: Tarabo Bazar, 
UP: Rupjong, Dist: Narayanganj
Mobile -0711354821,01914757980 ,
Email : ushafoundation@yahoo.com  Email : tajulislam1977@yahoo.com



United Social Human Advancement Foundation (USHA)is a non-govt . non profitable and non-political voluntary Development organization . It was established in July 2000 with the initiation of a group of educated social workers with an aim to promote the socio-economic status of the rural poor and disadvantaged people emphasizing the women and children through concretization, capacity building, institution build & capital formation and imparting felt need based problem solving programs .It believes. in non-directive ,bottom up, integrated and participatory development framework and works as a catalyst with its targeted people. 

USHA aspires for a society where every individual will be able to live in an atmosphere of peace and harmony i.e. free from  exploitation , oppression , and starvation, where every individual will get equal and transparent shares of the resources belonging to this society . The basic approach of USHA is to promote self-help and self-reliance.

Name of the Organization:  United Social Human Advancement Foundation (USHA)

Name of Executive Chief & Designation:     Tajul islam

Executive Director.

Mobile -0711354821,01914757980,01932299501

Email : tajulislam1977@yahoo.com 


(a)  Head office:          Tarabo (Chowdhury villa – 1st Floor), P.O: Tarabo Bazar,

                                    UP: Rupjong, Dist: Narayanganj

Mobile -0711354821,01914757980,01932299501

Email - usha foundation 047@ gmail.com.

Email : tajulislam1977@yahoo.com

(b) Branch Offices      : 24 Branch Offices.

Legal Status: (Registration’s with Government) 

Sl.No Name of Concern Department Registration No. Date.
1 NGO Affairs Bureau FDO/R-2737 23.10;2012
2 Social Wale fare, Narayanganj bvt-0353 28.11.2001
3 Societies Acts(Joint Stock Companies & Firms)  Bangladesh S-3676(465) 20-03-2004
4 Micro credit Regulatory Authority 00772-03919-00435 19.08.2009
5 Depart. of Youth Development


hyDA/bv&t-167.iƒcMÄ-20 02.12.2012

USHA Management and Accountability: 

USHA has a two-tire Management structure ensuring accountability to community and donors. The General Committee consists of 21 members. The Executive Committee has 7 members and is headed by the Executive Director. 

There is a Quarterly Provision for EC meetings to review activities, Policy Planning and decision making. The Secretary and Executive Director of USHA is accountable to the EC and responsible for the Overall management of USHA. At implementation level, there is provision for monthly meetings where respective program personnel meet together, review performance, discuss problems and solutions take decisions and plan for the future. All Heads of programs are accountable to the Executive Director.


Name of Organisation. Membership Partnership Remarks
Credit and Development Forum (CDF) Do. Full member
Federation of NGOs in Bangladesh (FNB),


Do. Full member
NGO-Forum for Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation. Do. Associate
Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI) Do. Associate
Bangladesh Agriculture Development                      Corporation  (BADC). Do. Full member
Bangladesh Agriculture Development Corporation, Do. Associate
Research Initiatives Bangladesh. (RIB) Do. Do.
National NGO Co-ordination Committee (NNCC) Do. Do.
Democracy watch Do. Associate
Housing Fund (Fund Management Unit)

Bangladesh Bank

Do Full
SJIBL, MDB. & FBL Bank Do. Receiver

Geographic Location:  

USHA has its establishment in Rupjong Upazila. This is located about 13 Km to the north side of Narayanganj city. USHA has been working in 07 districts and 14 Upazils in the country.

Years of working experiences:

17 years working experiences. 


Characteristics of Working districts:

Demra, Khilgoan Upazilas under Dhaka district, Rupganj Siddhirgonj, Arihajer, Sonargaon, Bandar,Narayanganj Sadar, under Narayanganj districts, Narsingdi Sadar ,Palash,Shibpur under Narsingdi districts, Kaliakoir Upazilas under Gazipur district, Kabirhat Upazilas under Noakhali district, Bhairab, Bajitpur , Kuliarchar Upazilas under Kishoreganj district, Fulbaria, Trisal Upazilas under Mymensingh district are under developed and thick populated areas. Many Floating peoples are take shelter here as semi-urban area. Roads and communications are limited. The majority of people depend on Foreign currency except Narayanganj There is a little opportunity for agriculture except Narayanganj. This is a single cropped area except Narayanganj The said Upazilas are flood prone areas. Every year of these Upazilas are submersed by flood water. Many families lose their shelter and houses through erosion. Many people live below the poverty line and face recurring crises of food, cloths, medical treatment and shelter.

Program activities (Completed Projects): 

Title of Project Type of Project Donors
Training on ‘Poultry rearing,

Vegetables cultivation, Sewing of cloths

Income & Employment Generating Program Own Fund
Non-Formal Education Education Locally developed revolving Fund
Non-Formal Education Education PROSHIKA
Training for JAMDANI Sharee production Skills development Own Fund.
Reaching Out of School Children (ROSC) Project Education Ministoty of Primary & Mach Education/ World Bank
Education of Hazardous Child Labour in Bangladesh Education Ministoty of Lavour &Employment

Program activities (Running Projects): 

Title of Project Type of Project Donors
Women development
Locally developed revolving Fund
Training for JAMDANI Sharee production Skills development Own Fund.
Poverty alleviation Micro-credit Suediule Bank
HYV Rice Seed production Enterprise development Do
Agriculture & Environment Technology Transfer Do
Livestock development Income & employment generation Do
Women & Children rights, trafficking Motivation & prevention Do
Non-Formal  Education Education Own Fund.
Water & Sanitation, Arsenic mitigation Counseling & Micro-credit NGO –Forum
Nutrition, Primary health & Family planning Motivation & prevention Do
HIV ,AIDS, Acid violence Prevention & Motivation Do
Housing Fund ( Fund Management Unit) Housing & Micro-credit Bangladesh Bank
Vulnerable Group Development (VGD) Training Programme Department of Women Affairs
Mater native  Project Training Program Department of Women Affairs

 Bank Account Operation:

The mother Bank Account of the organization is operated by the joint signatures of the Chairman, Secretary and the Treasurer of the organization with the help of approved EC meeting resolution and the approved money is transferred to the project accounts as per the approved budget. The project accounts are operated by the joint signatures of the Executive Director,  Director, Manager and   Accountant 

Organizational Set-up (Organisation):

  1. General Council.
  2. Executive Committee
  3. Advisory Committee.
  4. Executive Director
  5. Senior Management Staff.
  6. Junior Management Staff.
  7. Filed Staff.
  8. Part-time Staff
  9. Volunteers.

Staff Strength: 

SL No Category Female Male Total
01 Management level 02 08 10
02 Supervisory level 04 18 22
03 Technically staff 08 12 20
05 Field staff 20 75 95
06 Par time staff 03 06 09
07 Support staff 10 15 25
Total 47 134 181


  1. Work Experience:
  1. Conscientization :

Conscientization is the most and important program of the organisation. It begins from the start and continues continuously for raising mass awareness in all respects among the targeted people and the community people. So, far it has been concretize approximately 15,00,000 people in different respects. Now the community people of USHA’s working areas are fairly conscious in all respects and they can understand their development should be done themselves. In this regards, USHA arranges personal contacts, door step visits, group meetings, gatherings, seminars, workshops, folk songs, popular theatres & circulate posters, leaflets, stickers, charts, billboards & signboards.

  1. Motivation and Institution building:

The organisation first selects the working areas, conducts base line surveys and identify the targeted beneficiaries. After identification, motivate and educate the targeted people on the goal and objectives of the organisation and activities. When the beneficiaries realizes that they should be organised, then the staff members organise them into small savings groups and conduct weekly meetings and collect weekly savings to build capital of the poor beneficiaries. So far approximately 7467 targeted people have been organised into approximately 239 savings groups and their accumulated savings size is Tk.35578287/-, which is being revolved for undertaking income generating activities by the group members.

  1. Credit support for IGAs:

USHA creates employment and income earning opportunities for the poor organized group members through providing skills training, management training etc. and providing credit supports. It uses group savings, donors’ fund and revolving loan fund of the organization. So far it has been provided Tk.61249353/- to 239 women group members for undertaking small income generating activities, who have been running their IGAs profitably and effectively and earning an extra-income for the families and also self-employed. The loan realization is about 100%.

  1. Education:

Education is the first and for most component of USHA’s development interventions. So, it makes aware the people and makes literate. In these respects, it runs children education and adult education activities. So far it has been made literate 1300 adult women and 350 children and also developed school going habit. Still it has been running 10 adult literacy centers with the support of Department of Social Services and 20 children education centers with the support of BRAC etc.


Health and Hygiene is a on going program of the organization, which was started in 2002 and all the field are covered with this program, because, through weekly group meetings all the community people and the group members are made aware on health and hygiene. This program is supported by Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Bangladesh.

  1. MCH and Family Planning:

USHA has been implementing MCH and Family Planning activities in all the working upazillas with the support of Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Bangladesh. The main activities are: PHC and Nutrition education, family planning education, MCH education, Training, seminar and workshop, TBA training, conducting safe deliveries, antenatal and postnatal services, balance diet preparation, ORS preparation, growth monitoring, feeding to malnourished children and mothers, contraceptives supply, referral cases, Vasectomy, sterilization, follow up, curative services through clinical services etc.

Water and Sanitation.

From the very beginning i.e. 2001, USHA has been implementing Water and Sanitation program with the help of NGO Forum and still supports are continuing. Apart from DPHE and NGO Forum have been supporting this program from 2002. Already 17 tube wells and 3500 water sealed latrines have been installed. Developed one latrine production centre, from where slab latrines are produced and supplied to the community people with cost price.

  1. Community Development.

USHA has been working on community development since its inception in 2001 in all the working villages, which are supported by the above mentioned partner NGOs and community based initiatives.

  1. Management Capacity Building.

Management capacity building is one of the most important and on going program of USHA, which are started in 2001 and being supported by the above mentioned donors. It is a continuous process of the organization and continuously providing management capacity building training to the group members, leaders and the staff members. So far 1500 group members and 17 staff members have been given management capacity building supports. From 2001, this program was started.

  1. Training.

USHA emphasis on different kinds of training to the group members for their skills development and potentials upgrading and started from 2001. It is a continuous process. So far 1500 group members and 17 staff have been provided different kinds of training with the support of the above donors.

  1. Non-formal Education (NFE).

USHA’s first priority is education to all group members and the children and started in USHA has been provided literacy education to 1500 group members and 350 children with the support of BRAC, Department of Social Services, GoB etc. Now it has been running 10 schools.

  1. Income Generating Activities (IGA).

So far 239 group members have been provided credit support for undertaking income generating activities with help of group savings, other donors, revolving fund and other government supports. Now it has been revolving Tk 61249353/- -

  1. Awareness Raising.

Awareness raising is a very important support for all the programs and also group formation. USHA has been made aware approximately 5,00,000 people in its working areas. The above-mentioned different donors support this program.

  1. Arsenic Awareness Raising and Mitigation.

USHA has been working on Arsenic from 2005 with the support of NGO forum and have got sufficient experience on it. Apart from, LGED has been supporting USHA in this purpose and already, survey, motivation, awareness raising etc. activities are going on in Uzirpur Upazilla. It has also been awarding the people of the other areas. USHA with its own initiative, all the staff and volunteers have given orientation and training to concretize the rural people of working areas.

  1. WID/Gender.

USHA has no separate program on WID but it mainly emphasises on women development. So, about 95% of its beneficiaries are women, disables and children. All the programs of the organisation are planned, implement and manage by the women beneficiaries. It always emphasises on gender sensitivity in all its programs, so, in every case, gender response is given highest priority and try to make gender balance. At present in maximum cases and steps, gender balance has been maintained. It is cite able here that about 90% program are implemented for the women. These programs are supported by the above mentioned donors.



  1. M) Agriculture Development Program:

It has been implementing agriculture development program in Operational areas with the support of Department of Agriculture Extension from 2006 and has developed 150 contact farmers with modern training


  1. o) HIV/AIDS/STD Prevention:

At present time HIV/AIDS/STD has become a very alarming issue in Bangladesh, so, the organisation has been educating and motivating the rural people and urban people about HIV/AIDS/STD. Already the people of the working areas have become aware about the seriousness of the diseases, so, they are trying to practice HIV/AIDS/STD education. In this regard, posturing and wide circulation have been conducted in the working areas. The staff members continuously educating and motivating the people on HIV/AIDS/STD diseases.

  1. p) Occupational Skill Development Training:

The organisation arranges occupational skills development training for the destitute women and the adolescent girls from 2003 and so far 380 destitute women and 140 adolescent girls have been provided skills development training courses on Tailoring and Embroidery. Most of them have been involved in tailoring and embroidery activities.

  1. q) Mini-Garments Industry Program:

USHA has been running one mini-garments factory in Narayangonj Town. A total of 50 poor women are working in the mini-garments factory and they are getting benefits through having employment and income earning opportunities. In the mini-garments factory, different dresses are prepared by the women and sold in the local markets. In this regard, it has marketing section, who are working for marketing for the garments products.

  1. r) Day Care Centre:

USHA has been running one day care centre for the mini-garments workers children, because, they are working in garments factory and in that time, they keep their children in the day care centre, where the children are brought up at family atmosphere.

  1. s) Disaster Preparedness and Management:

Disaster preparedness and management is one of the most important activities of the organisation, because, the working areas all disaster prone as the areas are situated very near to the Bay of Bengal and most of the areas are Char (Islands). Every year different disasters hit the areas seriously. So, the organisation imparts awareness building, preparedness and management training for the group members and the community people. So, far a total 15,000 people have been made aware and provided training to 110 group leaders, who discussed in the groups.

  1. t) Adolescent development program:

USHA has been working for the poor adolescent girls of the working areas for their life development since its inception. Already a good number of adolescent girls have become aware and skilled about their lives. The program has become accepted highly and need is increasing. Due to limitation it cannot increase the program.  So, we need supports from all concerns.


  1. v)  Civics Rights Program:

USHA has been implemented civics rights program in 4 Upazillas of
Narayanganj District. The main activities were: Uthan boitak, group meetings, seminars, workshops, conferences, rallies, etc. folksongs, popular theatres, stage dramas, road side dramas etc. on civics rights.

  1. w) Folksong and Popular Theatres Program:

USHA has been implemented folk media program on different issues, subjects to strengthening the program and awareness rising with the support of different donors. It has developed 1 folksong group and 1 popular theatre groups and one stage drama group. In this regard, it has development many issue based, problems based and human rights based scripts, which are displayed through folksong, popular theatres and stage dramas.

  1. JAMDANI Cottage Industries Activities:

                    1)  JAMDANI  Sharee based Training, Seminar and Workshop:

  1. Assessing needs,
  2. Planning training, seminar and workshops,
  3. Developing curriculum, modules, materials etc.,
  4. Arranging training, seminars, and workshops on:
  5. Human development training,
  6. Professional skills development training,
  7. Practical training,
  8. Adolescent girls training,
  9. Arrange workshops on
  10. Issue based workshops,
  11. Subject based workshops,
  12. Arrange seminars on:
  13. Issue based seminars,
  14. Subject based seminars.
  15. Monitoring and evaluation of training, seminar and workshops.

                     2) JAMDANI related activities:

  1. Participated 30 JAMDANI Sharee product fairs with Cloths Ministry.
  2. Participated 6 JAMDANI Sharee production fairs with BISIC.
  3. Arranged 2 JAMDANI Sharee production fairs in Dhaka.
  4. Exported JAMDANI Sharee products to London and America.
  5. Arranged JAMDANI Sharee production seminars and workshops.
  6. Supplied JAMDANI Sharee products to many shops.
  7. Attended JAMDANI Sharee production fairs in India, Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.    

   3)  JAMDANI Sharee based Income Generation Activities:

  1. JAMDANI Sharee Production.
  2. JAMDANI Sharee business,
  3. JAMDANI Sharee marketing,
  4. JAMDANI Sharee show room opening.
  5. Sales centre for production of JAMDANI Sharee.


  1. a) In house:
  1. i) Building/Room:
  • One full-fledge Central Training Centre at Central Office with training hall, resource/material room, trainers room, lodging facilities of 30 trainees, cooking facilities and dinning facilities.
  • Four full-fledge Central Training Centres at two regions Offices with training hall, resource/material room, trainers room, lodging facilities of 30 trainees, cooking facilities and dinning facilities.
  1. ii) Equipment:
  1. a) TV and VCP 8 nos.
  2. b) White Board.               18 nos.
  3. c) Black Board.                24 nos.
  4. d) VIPP Board.                 8 nos.
  5. e)                        6 nos.
  6. f) Every centre contains sufficient furniture and fixtures.
  1. b) Transport:
  1. Motor Cycle 15 no.
  2. Bicycle 74 nos.
  1. Others.
  • 1 no.
  1. c) Resources:
  1. Own Land 86 Acres in Rupjong, Narayanganj
  2. 50 nos.
  3. 175 nos.
  4. 28 nos.
  5. File Cabinet. 15 nos.
  6. Black Board. 32 nos.
  7. VIPP Board. 16
  8. Computer set. 24 no.
  9. Type Writer set. 2 no.
  10. 137 nos.
  11. j) Centre. 2 no.
  12. Revolving Credit fund. 327949262
  1. d) Group information:
  1. Number of groups. 1333 nos.
  2. Number of members. 27169
  3. Savings size. 117463954
  1. e) Present donors:
  1. SJIBL, MDBL & FBL Suediule Bank
  2. Housing Fund ( Fund Management Unit) Bangladesh Bank
  3. NGO Forum.
  4. Department of Forestry.
  5. Department of Social Welfare.
  6. Department of Youth Development. etc.
  7. IDCOL
  8. Department of Women Affairs.
  9. Department of Primamy& Mauch Education.

For more information, please contact:

Tajul Islam
Executive Director.
Mobile -0711354821, 01932299501
Email : tajulislam1977@yahoo.com